What is Сlove Essential Oil good for

Essential Oils – Clove.
Botanical Name: Eugenia caryophyllata.
Essential oils are the essence of aromatherapy and provide that aroma to this natural therapy. Here we will talk about one of the very important oil.

Essential Oils - Clove.

Clove essential oil has a very rich, spicy, and strong smell. However, it has very powerful antiseptic properties and a good stimulant, for general physical and mental weaknesses.

Clove essential oil magical properties

As we talked about this oil is strong in nature, and should not be used without diluting. Clove oil is colourless to pale yellow; its content is medium to watery in its consistency, light oil with a spicy, fruity, warm and sweet aroma. This oil is actually extracted from clove bud and its main constituent is Eugenol, eugenol acetate, caryophyllene, and is caryophyllene. However, Eugenol is an important part and used in dental analgesics and perfumery.

History of clove essential oil

History of clove essential oil

Clove is an evergreen tree that is a native of Indonesian and Malacca islands but now cultivated worldwide. However worldwide people know the effectiveness of this oil, which is antiseptic in nature. In European region way back this oil was used to fight plague and other deadly diseases, however now n modern world dentist use it for teeth infections and cure.
Roman, Chinese and Greeks knew the medicinal values of this oil and were using this oil from a long time back. However, Chinese have their own uses, apart from a toothache, this oil was used as a mouth freshener for bad breath when specially talking to emperors.

Clove is a very important part of spice trade and a very useful commodity at home. Apart from its quality of relieving pain clove is used in perfumes, mulled wines and liqueurs, love potions, dental products and, an insect repellant.

Benefits of clove essential oil

Benefits of clove essential oil

Helpful in relieving moods and disorders such as Arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, sprains, rheumatism, sprains, toothache, dental infections, cholera, fatigue, diarrhea, sore gums, headache, herpes, hiccups, infectious diseases, nausea, insect bites, mouth ulcers, pains, sinus congestion, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, virus, and warts. Well, these were disorders but on another hand, it is great for revitalizing moods and it plays a good part in bringing courage, enhancing sleep, good dreams, aphrodisiac, mental calmness, and has a lot more relaxing properties. However, its spicy aroma brings inactiveness, increases blood circulation, makes memory strong, reduces irritability and headaches.

Considered as very potent essential oil helps to abate respiratory or throat infections, fights depression, relieve indigestion, stimulates sexual desires, tranquil fevers, controls high blood pressure and anxiety, and excellent skin care.

We have discussed a lot of areas where this oil is effective; a very important aspect of this oil is its aroma, its strong and stimulating smell. It is very effective to fight fish moths that are very common and can be found in every household. How we can use clove oil here, just take some oil in a cotton ball and place it a cupboard, not only it will give fragrance but also protect it from moths.

What is clove essential oil used for?

Well we know by know for which disorder and moods this oil is used but very important fact is how to use, how to apply this, what method should be used so that it’s effective and gives best results.

Massage is a very useful way to use oils, but as this is very strong, it should be used with some carrier oils to make it dilute e.g. almond, sunflower, olive or any other oil. Take a mixture of 4 drops of this oil and an egg cupful of base oil, massage to the affected area in light and circular manner, as we know his oil is great for relieving pain. In the case of toothache, massage outer jaw.

clove bud

Clove oil is very good to fight bad breath and toothache, can be used a mouthwash or light gargles. A hot bath with 6-8 drops of oil-soaked for at least 10 minutes is so relaxing, stress-free and pleasant.

What’s aromatherapy, it’s just how the aroma flows and heals someone. There could be different ways. If this oil used as a room freshener, it controls the spread of disease, improves the quality of the air we breathe and makes a romantic atmosphere. To do this one can use it in the warm water bowl, light bulbs or radiators, just place a few drops of oil and let it evaporate.

This oil is also good for the digestive system; just add a drop of oil in cooking. This oil is a very powerful antiseptic agent, fights bacteria and fungus (as in case of flu, bronchitis and athlete’s foot), excellent for contagious and gum diseases. One can also use this oil directly to the affected tooth or gum area.

However, in vapour therapy, these oils are used with the help of Burners and vaporizers, which have proven favourable results for dizziness and bronchitis.

How to make extraction of clove essential oil?

How to make extraction of clove essential oil

There are many methods of extracting essential oils and depending on the source from where the oil is extracted. Here we will see how clove oil extracted. This oil is extracted from the leaves, stem and buds via steam distillation, yet it is only the clove bud oil which is used in aromatherapy since it contains the least Eugenol.

Steam distillation is a very simple and cost-effective method of extracting essential oils. Let’s see how it works, when hot steam is forced in through the plant material, it forces and opens the pores where the oil resides. Now we got the steam, which contains essential oil, this potion is now passed through a cooling system to condense the steam, which then forms a liquid from which essential oil and water are separated.

One thing has to be taken care, the temperature should be just suitable to allow the essential oil flow through plant material. However, if the temperature is high it can burn off the essential oil.

Some oils are very heat sensitive and this method is good for these oils, which protects there healing qualities.

Clove essential oil dangers

Clove essential oil dangers

Moreover, the maximum essential oils are very strong when concentrated. What we are taking here is not the quality but the cause of its extremely potent nature, cause they are pure oils they should be used diluted, mixed with some carrier oils. We know how much these oils are effective but if used concentrated they can have some adverse reaction and cause irritation and anxiety.

The essential oil of clove is to be avoided during pregnancy. This oil can also cause mucous membrane and skin irritations or even dermatitis cause of its potent nature and depends on the skin type. Use of this oil should be avoided in prostate cancer, kidney or liver problem, alcoholic impact, or when taking anticoagulants.

Clove oil is very potent oil and should be used with care. Before using this oil if consulted with aromatherapist might be very useful.

Where to buy clove essential oil?

Картинки по запросу Where to buy clove essential oil

Essential oils have to be Genuine, authentic, unadulterated, pure, holistic, and therapeutic to provide you with the desired results. However, it is not so easy to figure out the purity and quality of oils. So many factors contribute to the oil to be pure.

Well as we know, many essential oils are quite expense cause of the process of manufacturing it, like Jasmine oil which cannot be inexpensive cause of its cost of harvesting and production.

buy clove essential oil

Only genuine essential oils can guarantee the anticipated healing effect. This is the fact and one should be aware of some basic factors before purchasing essential oil. Tell me what is the use of purchasing something that is expensive and not genuine. Mostly these oils are mixed with some carrier oils and people are easily fooled. However, blends of essential oil and carrier oil are also available in the market, but that should be specified.
However, there are some important things to note down while purchasing oil.

Clove essential oil benefits

Family of plant the oil belong Botanical name of the oil should be specified on the bottle Country of origin also matters the cause of atmospheric conditions Smelling the oil can work out wonder if one know the aroma of the oil, nothing like that. Try to become used to the aroma by smelling them whenever one gets a chance. Buy from a genuine dealer Check out the spellings of oil on the bottle before purchasing.

These were some of the facts taken care before purchasing an essential oil.
However, when buying an essential oil make sure the documentation which is with oil should contain information about the growth, harvest, distillation, and chemical make-up of the oil, There are many tests too to check the purity of the oil but they are too expensive. So our suggestion is to know the oil by yourself and does remember the things we have discussed.

Blends Well With: Сlove essential oil blends well with Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Black pepper and Ginger.

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