Best organic essential oils 2020

Best essential oils for colds and coughs Eucalyptus OilThere are as many eucalyptus oil uses as there are eucalyptus tree species. Over a hundred!Origin: Australia, ChinaExtraction Method: Steam distillation of leaves Uses: Highly antiseptic and beneficial to the lungs, eucalyptus oil should be diffused or […]

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How to use lavender essential oil

Lavender Oil Lavender Oil (Lavendula augustifolia)Botanical Family: Lamiaceae or Labiatae (mint)Origin: Utah, Idaho, France, Bulgaria Extraction Method: Steam distillation of flowering tops and stems. It comes in especially handy for treating sunburn, bruises, cuts and scrapes, hair loss, insomnia, depression and high blood pressure. Using […]

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5 Best Essential Oil Necklace 2020

An essential oil diffuser necklace will make you enjoy the many benefits of essential oils. Depending on the type of essential oil you inhale, you will enjoy several health benefits. People used to buy essential oil diffusers and use them in their rooms. Things have […]

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