Essential oils for Toothache 2020

Essential oils for Toothache pain

Toothache is an infection as an outcome of tooth decay. We don’t take care much about our tooth’s, tend to ignore little infections in the tooth but then it leads to decay in the tooth which then goes to pulp which contains nerve and blood vessels, then it becomes very painful to handle.

When you start feeling sensitivity to hot or cold food or drinks, feel discomfort after eating sugar, darkening on or between the teeth (cavity formation), also form spaces between teeth’s, unpleasant taste of mouth, bad breath, and continuous tooth pain its indicated that one has a toothache.

Essential oils for Toothache

Causes of toothache can be various and are cause of improper care of tooth’s, cavity formation which itself is an infection and it happens when we don’t brush our tooth properly and timely, eating to much of chocolates, smoking, eating to much beetle nuts, and other related things can damage your teeth. A wisdom tooth coming out or just plain old toothache, poking and peering of teeth’s lead to pain.

What essential oils are good for toothache

Some home remedies are very effective to relieve the pain, like you can apply a cold compress, a bag of ice or even a bag of frozen vegetables to the swollen painful area. There are some medicines also that can relieve pain, like painkillers, aspirin, ibuprofen etc. However, they are strong and might not suit everyone. So we suggest you to go for a natural therapies which are not even harmful and do not have side effects too.

What essential oils are good for toothache

Aromatherapy can relieve pain but if the infection increases just consult a dentist. Essential oils such as Clove, Tea Tree, Chamomile, Peppermint, and Myrrh can helpful in relieving the pain. Oils like clove and chamomile have some unique qualities that are best for toothache. Like clove, which has antiseptic and anesthetic properties and the chamomile oil, that has anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. Lets see how one should use these oils.

How to use essential oils for toothache

How to use essential oils for toothache

Compresses are the best way to relieve pain, add few drops of oil to cold compress and apply it on the paining area. Take a cotton ball, add some drop of oils to it and apply in the area of toothache. One might also use clove oil directly to the area of pain. One thing must be kept in mind, for children use the oils in diluted form.

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