Essential oils for Hypertension 2020

Essential oils for pulmonary hypertension

High Blood Pressure that has been so common these days, is a product of tension and pressures in life that a person is not able to handle. Definitely, pills can give a person relief and enable him to live life normally away from headache, giddiness and palpitations, but it not a good idea when one has a very aromatic and natural way to feel relaxed, that’s through Aromatherapy.

Essential oils for Hypertension

Blood pressure depends on the amount of blood the heart pumps and the restriction of blood flowing through arteries that depends on the diameter of arteries. What happens is that heart pumps blood and the blood flows through the arteries, smaller the arteries higher the blood pressure. Our kidneys regulates our flow of water and salt in the body, more salt means that water is retained in circulation and the blood vessels tend to narrow, which increases blood pressure and on the other hand lower the level of salt makes blood pressure low.

Best essential oils for hypertension

Circulation of blood in the brain is the most tedious job; when sensitive nervous system is active it brings in more blood to the brain raising blood pressure. Hypertension is nothing but a nervous system reacting to unreal fear that stays forever.

Symptoms could be irritability, to much tension, low diet, anxiety, insomnia, not getting social, avoid loud sounds, and headache.

Best essential oils for hypertension

Aromatherapy can actually reduce high blood pressure. Essential oils such as Clary Sage, Lavender, Hyssop, Lemon, Marjoram, and Ylang Ylang are very effective.

Essential oils for pulmonary hypertension

Bathing with few drops of oil can be very beneficial and even massaging is helpful to improve your emotional and spiritual well being. Diffusers are great relaxer, when essential oil is diffused with water for atleast 30 minutes they give a soothing effect. Hyssop produces best results through steam inhalation and massaging. For massaging sweet almond and coconut oil can be mixed and applied all over body. Hyssop is very stimulating and works as a sedative. It can regulate both high and low blood pressure.

Effective Essential Oils For High Blood Pressure

On the other hand, Ylang Ylang is great relaxing oil. This oil can be used in massaging or bathing and for best results blended with Melissa, sandalwood or jasmine . While using these oils one must be aware of some facts, like Hyssop should not be used if pregnant and otherwise also, to be used in small amount. As for Ylang Ylang , it should also be used in moderation because it is also very strong oil.

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