5 Essential oils for athlete’s foot 2020

Best essential oils for athlete’s foot

Athlete’s Foot.

Just don’t be confused by its name, it can happen to anyone is it athlete or office going person. Athlete’s foot is a contagious fungal infection between the toes or lower section of the foot. It can just grow up in the areas that are warm, damp and without sunlight and air.

Athlete's Foot

This infection’s main cause is a lack of personal hygiene, letting the toe area wet after bathing, some sort shoes which are very compact and provide no air to pass, the people who perspire more they are very prone to this disease, using general toilets and shower at gym, and not wearing clean socks. There are some very simple ways to fight this disease like keeping the feet dry and hygienic, exposing the feet to fresh air and sunlight.
Symptoms that are frequently seen are inflammation, burning, cracking, itching, blisters and scaling due to dead skin that accumulate in between toes which grow the fungus. Not only that it harms living skin too.
Some other precautions could be taken to avoid this infection like wear shoes that can breathe in summer, avoid wearing rubber and wool materials, clean cotton socks, rinsing the socks well while washing so that no residues of washing powder are left, and powder your toes.

What essential oils are good for athlete’s foot.

Aromatherapy is very helpful in relieving discomforts formed by this infection.

Essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Patchouli, Tea Tree, and Geranium help to fight fungus. Direct applying of essential oils is the best cure, so use essential oil without using it to carrier oils, and do this for 2 to 3 times a day and see the difference. Itching or burning sensation is all over and cause of the anti-fungal qualities, Athlete’s foot does find place a place to survive.

Another way out is to take about 20 drops of essential oil (Sandalwood or Tea Tree), mix it in warm water, and dip your foot inside the water for about 15 minutes. Try out a mixture of 15g base cream, 2 drops of Myrrh, 2 drops of Tea Tree, mix these all things well, and apply directly twice a day. One would find these methods very effective and sees the result in a couple of days. If the problem increases, do see the professional.

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