Essential oils for ankle sprains 2020

Essential oils for sprains and bruises

essential oils for sprains

Strains and sprains are regular injuries of muscles and ligaments and are amongst very frequent injuries. Actually, a sprain occurs when ligaments tear and these are the tissues through, which the bones are connected to each other on the joints. Commonly faced sprains are thumbs, ankles and wrists, though are not critical and generally can cure themselves however in severe cases they might call for surgical fix and this harm may allow the bones or muscles grow weaker and can make them vulnerable to injuries ahead.


If we talk about symptoms, for sprain it would be swelling, ache in the joints, can create trouble in joints movement, and for strain are sharp ache at the wound followed by rigidity, firmness, tenderness and sometimes enlargement.

oils for sprains

The major causes with which one can associate sprains are accidents while playing, exercising, or stressing. In all the cases, a person can stretch his muscle so much that the muscle cannot tolerate more. This problem is very common with sportspersons and can be cured by some any sprain sprays or massaging.

Best essential oils for sprains

Best essential oils for sprains

As these may take quite a few months to cure sprains must be treated with essential oils by cold compresses, ice packs on occasion of damage and afterwards by limitation of actions.


Essential oils that can be used in this case are Lavender, Chamomile, Black Pepper, Ginger Oil and Rosemary.


Using a cold compress add few drops of essential oil and apply to the part which is affected or adding few drops of essential oil with a carrier oil and massaging around that area keeping in mind of not applying it directly to swollen areas.

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