Essential oils for different moods

What essential oils are good for moods Bath And Massage Oils: These essential oils, when used in your bath or added to your massage oil, have a tremendous effect on the mood and help in creating an appropriate psychological stimulus. Besides, they are also useful […]

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What is Сlove Essential Oil good for

Essential Oils – Clove.Botanical Name: Eugenia caryophyllata.Essential oils are the essence of aromatherapy and provide that aroma to this natural therapy. Here we will talk about one of the very important oil. Clove essential oil has a very rich, spicy, and strong smell. However, it […]

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Сooking with essential oils – recipes 2020

Cooking with Essential Oils It took me a few years to dare start cooking with essential oils and baking with essential oils. Thinking it must be quite a science and not knowing all I needed to do was use one or two drops of essential […]

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