Best Essential oils for Asthma 2020

Essential oils for Asthma

Why one avoids parties, going out, playing outdoor games, and any strenuous activity cause one knows that it will aggravate breathing problem, Asthma which is nothing but a breathing problem that happens when airways are narrowed or swelled. What happens is the muscles of bronchi abruptly contracted and get narrow which creates problem while breathing out and also the mucous blocked in air pipes creates problem in breathing.

The person suffering from asthma should be looking for these symptoms, like unexpected shortness of breath, too much coughing, wheezing, stiffness in the chest, sneezing, insomnia can also follow the cause of restlessness, and fever can also accompany. It can be cured in the early stages more easily if one takes care of small infections and allergies.

Well, one should avoid exhausting exercises, smoking, any type of respiratory infections, pet dander, pollution, dust, and the foods that contain sulfites when one is suffering from asthma.

Things should be taken care of, like less stress, yoga is good, eating a healthy diet which not aggravates attack, swimming, light aerobics, and a relaxed mind.

Well, because aromatherapy is at hand one can get rid of wheezing and sniffling. Only the sweet aromas of oils that can help you cure your asthma.

What essential oils are good for Asthma

No more need for inhalers sounds great for asthma sufferers. However, is it true that asthma can be cured or lessen down? The answer is YES and its Aromatherapy, the sweet aromas of oil. Essential oils that are most effective for asthma patients are anti-inflammatory like Clary Sage, Cypress, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Marjoram, Rosemary, and Thyme.

What essential oils are good for Asthma

Well, these oils can be used with steam inhalation process or vaporizers like taking hot water in a bowl and mixing 2 to 4 drops of cypress or marjoram oil, covering your head with a towel and breath aroma inside. This will surely make your respiratory system relax and cool. On the other hand massaging is also very effective; make a blend of Marjoram in Rosemary or Lavender oil mixed with some carrier oil and massage on your chest, back and neck. Bathing with warm water and a mix of 10 drops of essential oil can give a soothing feeling and increase mucus flow.

Apart from the advantages of essential oil, one must also follow some restriction when to use and when not to use. If suffering from hypertension do not use Cypress oil, do not use high doses of Marjoram cause it gives narcotic effect and does not use if you are pregnant. Also, avoid direct inhalation of essential oils.

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