Top Essential Oils for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Essential oils for chronic fatigue syndrome Some time, Chronic Fatigue Disorder is mistaken for common ailments because of the symptoms resembling very much of flu or any other viral infections. However, it is acute fatigue, which comes and goes but can also stay for a […]

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Essential oils for ankle sprains

Essential oils for sprains and bruises Strains and sprains are regular injuries of muscles and ligaments and are amongst very frequent injuries. Actually, a sprain occurs when ligaments tear and these are the tissues through, which the bones are connected to each other on the […]

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Essential oils for Cuts and Bruises

Essential oils for Cuts and Bruises Cuts and bruises are not specifically a disorder but can fatal if not treated. However, wounds, which are on surface of the skin, heal naturally and require very less treatment but for some deep wounds, we require lot of […]

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Essential oils for Hypertension

Essential oils for pulmonary hypertension High Blood Pressure that has been so common these days, is a product of tension and pressures in life that a person is not able to handle. Definitely, pills can give a person relief and enable him to live life […]

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Essential oils for Motion Sickness

Best essential oils for Motion Sickness This is also a very common problem and is caused by motion of the vehicle in which one is traveling. Moreover, this sickness occurs and starts when sensory organs (inner part of ear) are not able to provide balanced […]

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Essential oils for hemorrhoids treatment

Best essential oils for Hemorrhoids Haemorrhoids refer to the condition when veins around the rectum or anus are swollen or inflamed. This disorder is caused by constipation, pregnancy, ageing, diarrhea and other stomach problems. It is not very dangerous or life threatening and could be […]

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Essential oils for Toothache

Essential oils for Toothache pain Toothache is an infection as an outcome of tooth decay. We don’t take care much about our tooth’s, tend to ignore little infections in the tooth but then it leads to decay in the tooth which then goes to pulp […]

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Essential oils for diarrhea

Essential oils for ibs diarrhea Diarrhea is a viral and bacterial infection caused which strikes our digestive system. It generally happens due to the increasing rate and degree of bowel motion and a change in stability. It generally happens in summer and the body tends […]

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Best essential oils for chilblains

Essential oils for Chilblains Chilblains These are painful tender appearing on the hands or on the foot. These are confined to a small area with an ability of soreness of the skin. This disorder of the skin happens in winter and usually in cold oriented […]

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